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Poka Premium Bottle Holder Upto 1.5 lit


Small bottle holder is perfect organizer for 4 of your favourite 1.5l bottlers.

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Bottle holder is perfect organizer for 4 favourite, large-size bottles with a capacity of up to 1.5L. It is made to put bottles without straining their atomizers. It i also great solution for storing polishing pastes. 4 mounting holes makes it resistant for a high loads without bending. As in all our products there are no sharp corners which make it safety in use.

It can be mounted on Poka Premium detailing trolley with modulate legs (multi hole legs) as a additional hanger.

Length: 50 cm
Width: 13 cm
Height: 24 cm
Bottle hole diameter: 10.9 cm

– Made of 1.5 mm galvanized sheet metal
– Powder painted
– Place for 4 bottles

Colour: Black

* The product does not include mounting hardware



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