Jaguar XFR GreenZ Platinum Series Paint Protection – By OCD Detailing Studio, Mumbai


We followed the following process:

Washed the car using Gyeon Q2M BATHE and dried thoroughly.
Tar decontamination using Gyeon Q2M TAR and Iron decontamination using Gyeon Q2M IRON.

Clayed using Gyeon Q2M CLAY with  Gyeon Q2M CLAY LUBE.
Compounded and polished using Menzerna and HD polishes.

Exhausts pipes were polished using Wenol Red and Wenol Blue used to polish plated metal like the wheels.

Once the correction is done, the surfaces were cleaned and degreased using Gyeon Q2M PREP, this is process is mandatory as the finishing polish normally leaves lots of oil residues on the surface, so those have to be degreased and removed completely from the paint for a better bonding for the coating.

Then application of Gyeon Q2 RIM on wheels and Gyeon Q2 TRIM on Trim and plastics parts to restore them and protect.

Then we done the first layer of Gyeon Q2 MOHS and followed second layer of Gyeon Q2 MOHS after an hour of the first layer.
Deliver the car to it’s happy owner after applying Gyeon Q2M CURE after 12 hours of the MOHS application.


The fotos are below, hope you guys like them, please post if you have any comments/queries.

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